Client Spectrum's Companion
for Adobe Campaign

An Improved Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solution

Client Spectrum Companion for Adobe Campaign is a powerful solution used for performance monitoring and troubleshooting issues. Companion allows users to quickly access insights into how Adobe Campaign is performing by monitoring and analyzing different campaign components, such as workflows, deliveries, offers (interactions), and campaigns.


Drill Down into Problem Areas Within a Matter of Seconds

Companion makes it easy for marketers and IT personnel to drill down to problem areas. Click and explore options allows users to quickly identify the issues that are preventing their campaigns from executing properly.


visually track all workflow states and failures in adobe campaign


Simplify Campaign Tracking by Status and State

Companion simplifies failure monitoring and daily campaign monitoring. Sort, filter, or lookup campaigns by their state, success or fail status, date, and label. Oversee which workflows were last to be processed or created, and check what's next to run via the scheduler.

campaign success and failure tracking in Adobe Campaign with a Companion solution


Configure and Automate Alerts

Change Tracking, Failure to Start or Trigger a Workflow, and Much More


automate alerts and notifications for all of your adobe campaign workflows

Companion supports the creation of alerts to notify users when workflows exhibit certain behaviors - such as an inability to trigger or execute a campaign.

Companion supports the following behaviors:
  1. The processing of a workflow
  2. The failure of a workflow to trigger
  3. The failure of a workflow
  4. The modification of a workflow

Users can validate alerts on an hourly basis, and when identifying a particular condition, an email with the trigger details will send to the user(s) associated with the signal.

Companion simplifies the daily tasks of IT support staff, marketers, and managers to help maximize your investment in Adobe Campaign.



Need to Aggregate Multiple Adobe Campaign Servers? No Problem!

Companion supports multi-environments by aggregating multiple Adobe Campaign servers and handling each one independently.

Enable performance, error and failure tracking across multiple adobe campaign servers



Companion is offered as a software as a service (SAAS), meaning that integration with your system is seamless.

No deployment or custom configuration is needed within your Adobe Campaign instance.

  • Fully hosted in the cloud with seamless integration
  • Does not interact with any customer related data
  • Minimal impact on your Adobe Campaign system
  • Supports connections to multiple environments (dev, uat, production, etc.)
  • Using the interface requires no technical knowledge
  • Adobe Campaign credentials are not required for users to navigate the platform

To get started, email or call Chris Stanford at +1 438-503-4505