Client Spectrum Companion

A Performance Monitoring and Improvement Solution for IBM® Campaign


Client Spectrum Companion is a powerful solution for monitoring performance and improving processes in IBM® Campaign.

Because it simplifies the daily tasks of IT and support staff, marketing end-users and managers, Client Spectrum Companion helps to maximize your investment in IBM Campaign.

  • Enhance historical production data through powerful analysis of flowchart log files
  • Improve planning of upcoming production campaigns by pro-actively identifying and avoiding potential performance bottlenecks
  • Automate daily performance reports for campaign production jobs
  • Monitor and optimize infrastructure resources
  • Rapidly verify data dependencies related to flowchart process boxes, templates, and datamarts


Daily Health Check Report -  Spend less time reviewing and more time improving Log analyzer – Powerful visualization to help understand complex flowcharts Monitor CPU and Memory Visualization SQL Parsing – Identify trends in your SQL queries across flowcharts, and visually navigate the SQL generated. SQL Performance Analysis at the highest level View detailed operational performance metrics of a flowchart and it’s process boxes Visualize Flowchart performance relative to the past

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Companion provides quick access to IBM Campaign system statuses and lets you drill down to find the information that is key to optimizing system performance. Companion aggregates and enhances IBM Campaign log data to simplify the task of log analysis and help you improve your IBM Campaign efficiency.



Companion's Log Analysis feature:



Companion's Waterfall Reporting feature:



Client Spectrum Companion shares existing IBM Campaign-related infrastructure, and is typically implemented within a month.

  • no new hardware required
  • supports IBM Campaign versions
    7, 8, 9, and 10
  • available on 60-day trial basis
  • subscription pricing

To get started, email or call
Chris Stanford at +1 438-503-4505

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