Client Spectrum SMS Connector

Batch SMS messaging for Adobe Campaign


Client Spectrum SMS Connector is a custom add-on for Adobe Campaign that allows you to send mass SMS marketing messages.


  • Send real-time marketing message for new product launches,
    m-coupons or special offers
  • Can also be used for informational messaging (notifications, alerts, password reminders, invitations)
  • Reply to inbound messages with relevant marketing content


Client Specturm SMS connector integrates directly into the Adobe Campaign interface and acts as a gateway to your mobile messaging provider (MMP). It is available through subscription-based pricing and can be implemented in as little as few days. Currently optimized for Twilio, but can be configured for use with any other MMP.



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Client Spectrum SMS Connector allows for a reliable, at scale activation of SMS as a channel and expansion of an omni-channel strategy. Leverage our SMS Connector to promote greater customer engagement

  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Designed for the volume requirements of large corporations
  • Rapid implementation

To get started, email us or call Chris Stanford at +1 438-503-4505

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