Corporate Profile

By providing specialized expertise in the implementation, execution and optimization of Adobe©, IBM© (formerly Unica) and SAS© Enterprise Marketing Solutions, Client Spectrum has earned the trust of some of the world’s largest organizations.

Our expert consultants play a pivotal role in helping organizations fulfill their marketing objectives. By leveraging some of the best marketing technologies, we empower our clients to:

  • Accelerate their marketing campaign cycle through automation and optimization;
  • Improve the personalization of omnichannel customer experiences;
  • Refine marketing resource management (MRM) to align budgets, personnel, data, technology, and processes across multiple marketing operations;
  • Implement new marketing tactics for event-based, multi-wave, customer centric, next-best-action, and interactive campaign strategies;
  • Establish better measurement for marketing campaigns and operations;
  • Create marketing campaign performance dashboards and reports to improve management decision-making.

Since 2005, Client Spectrum has delivered over 445,000 consulting hours serving an international client base on four continents. Our experience spans a range of industries, including: Finance & Insurance, Retail, Travel, Telecommunications, Entertainment & Publishing, Loyalty Management, and High Tech. We are able to offer services in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.

As Enterprise Marketing Specialists, we value the long-term relationships that we have built with our clients and are proud to be partners with Adobe©, IBM© and SAS©.