Management Team

Mathieu Sabourin*, President and founder Ajay Bhaga*, Managing Partner – Technology Lead Joe Maraschiello*, Managing Partner Nabil Taydi*, Managing Partner - Professional Services Wil Brooks, Professional Services Manager – Toronto & Calgary Serge Bohdjalian, Professional Services Manager - Montreal Bill Dynes, Corporate Sales Manager Brad Penwarden, Software Development Manager Claude Ho-Jim, Lead Project Manager Gabriel Laurin, Controller

* Executive Committee and shareholder

Mathieu Sabourin, President and founder

Mathieu Sabourin Mathieu founded Client Spectrum in 2005, blending over two decades of software and management experience with his naturally strong entrepreneurial instincts. Deeply inspired by Jim Collins’ influential book, Good To Great (2001), Mathieu started Client Spectrum with the determination and discipline to build a world-leading company related to Enterprise Marketing Management solutions. Prior to Client Spectrum, Mathieu started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) before moving on to an eight-year management tenure at Dun & Bradstreet software. He joined the consulting firm Proximi-T in 1994 as Vice President of Software Solutions. Proximi-T would later become Fjord, a division of Cossette Communication Group, Canada’s largest marketing communications agency. Mathieu has been asked to speak about CRM and Enterprise Marketing, and was Assistant Professor at CIREM-HEC Montreal for a time.


Ajay Bhaga, Managing Partner – Technology Lead

Ajay Bhaga As Client Spectrum Technology Lead, Ajay engages in complex deployments requiring the integration of multiple technologies. Since joining Client Spectrum in 2008, he has been involved in the delivery of over 35 Enterprise Marketing projects in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. He was the pioneer behind the development of Companion, Client Spectrum’s performance and monitoring solution. Ajay has also contributed significantly to the enhancement of the company’s cloud-based lab infrastructure. These days, Ajay is leading the integration of cloud technology, Kafka and Enterprise Service, Bus (ESB) Architecture, both internally and with clients. While still a Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Ajay was Co-Owner and Lead Developer at, and subsequently worked for IBM and Toyota.


Joe Maraschiello, Managing Partner – Toronto

Joe Maraschiello Since joining Client Spectrum over a decade ago, Joe has never ceased to be passionately involved in the development of the company’s client experience. A skilled and innovative specialist in the efficient and effective use of interactive and traditional marketing data to create value for clients. Joe drives Client Spectrum’s product development, while leading the marketing team. Always a strong proponent for the voice of the customer, he is directly involved in client encounters, interviews and strategy sessions to ensure that their needs are exceeded. Since 2007, Joe has been a key contributor to over 35 Enterprise Marketing projects across a wide variety of industries. Before joining Client Spectrum, Joe worked at Accenture, CGI and Bell Canada.


Nabil Taydi, Managing Partner – Professional Services

Nabil Taydi Nabil manages a multifaceted and rapidly growing team of 40 full-time consultants, ranging from software architects to business and application consultants to project managers. Since joining Client Spectrum in 2006, he has played integral roles in over 35 Enterprise Marketing projects. Nabil was a driving creative force behind the development of campaignQA, Client Spectrum’s solution for ensuring more efficient Quality Assurance processes and data validation. Prior to joining Client Spectrum, and even as he was working for companies such as Comtech and PSA Peugeot Citröen, Nabil spent his spare time earning dual Baccalaureates in Organization Management and Computer Science & Engineering. He followed those accomplishments with twin Master’s degrees in e-Commerce and Business Intelligence. Nabil has also served as Assistant Professor in Business Intelligence and Database Modeling.


Wil Brooks, Professional Services Manager – Toronto & Calgary

Wil Brooks Wil joined Client Spectrum in 2011, and has since been deeply engaged in more than 25 Enterprise Marketing projects for industries including banking, travel, retail, insurance, loyalty, telecommunications and health care. Such depth and diversity of experience makes him ideally suited to his role at Client Spectrum; in addition to client management and talent acquisition, Wil consults and facilitates workshops in Marketing Resource Management and Campaign Execution & Optimization. Prior to his tenure at Client Spectrum, Wil worked for Publicis, John Hancock and TeraGo Networks. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.


Serge Bohjalian, Professional Services Manager - Montreal

Serge Bohjalian Serge joined Client Spectrum in 2011, bringing the company a wealth of technical and marketing experience. He now manages Professional Services team with deep and diverse expertise in marketing solutions and digital analytics. For ten years, Serge worked for Matrox Graphics, first as Lead Technical Writer and then as Senior Marketing Manager. He was also the Owner of, and Chief Technologist for Memidex, a word reference aggregation website with nearly one million pages of content. Serge has a Master of Business Administration degree from the John Molson School of Business, a Graduate degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Concordia University.


Bill Dynes, Corporate Sales Manager

Bill Dynes With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Bill provides Client Spectrum customers with expert assistance when choosing the optimal mix of product and service offerings for their specific needs. Working closely with the Client Spectrum Professional Services and Product Group teams, Bill initiates and nurtures client relationships. Bill launched his career as a Software Business Consultant back in 1990, when he joined GEAC Computer Corporation. The ensuing years saw him assisting companies such as Epicor Software, eBridge Software, Screenscape Networks, ADFLOW Networks, Nexterna and UR-Channel Broadcasting Company, all prior to joining Client Spectrum in 2014. Bill holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University.


Brad Penwarden, Software Development Manager

Brad Penwarden Brad manages Client Spectrum`s software product development team. Inspired by software architecture principles training he experienced at Carnegie Mellon University, Brad is a passionate advocate for agile software methodologies, a quintessential Scrum Master, and if you’re attending a Client Spectrum webinar, you’ll probably hear Brad’s voice. Since joining the company in 2009, he’s played integral roles in more than 30 Enterprise Marketing projects across Canada, the United States and Europe, often managing large development teams on behalf of Client Spectrum clients. A gifted communicator, Brad frequently serves as a bridge between developers and management, smoothly translating complex concepts into more easily understandable language. Previously, Brad worked at Research In Motion (Blackberry). He earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University.


Claude Ho-Jim, Lead Project Manager

Claude Ho-Jim With over 15 years of experience managing large-scale projects, Claude is Client Spectrum’s insurance that even the most complex projects proceed smoothly and efficiently. As leader of the company’s Project Management Office (PMO), Claude is responsible for establishing, developing and verifying the use of Client Spectrum’s project management standards, best practices and toolkits. He joined the company in 2016, bringing with him a tight focus on the timely delivery of appropriate products and superior services to intricate projects. He has managed projects implementing Adobe and IBM solutions for Enterprise Marketing with a diverse group of clients in the financial, insurance, loyalty and travel industries. Claude’s early-career technical experience underpins his management skills, making him able to make precise development and resource estimates, keeping projects on-schedule and on-budget. He has also managed large-scale projects for such companies as TD Insurance, EDS and IBM. Claude is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMM) and an Agile Practitioner in project management. Claude earned a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Information Technology from Université de Montréal.


Gabriel Laurin, Controller

Gabriel Laurin Gabriel joined Client Spectrum in 2016, and is in charge of all things finance and accounting. Armed with his Baccalaureate in Accounting from the École des sciences de la gestion (ESG) at Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Gabriel worked previously for Revenu Québec, Société de développement Angus and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.